Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

Special compositions – Bloemencorso

Bloemencorso is a famous flower parade in the town of Zundert in holland, throughout the years it has become a huge festival and the building and designing of floats decorated with flowers has become a real art spectacle. check out some of the amazing floats made over the years on their website. They have to be seen to be believed.

Of course with these floats music plays a big part in creating the atmosphere and the overall feeling. I have worked on some of these floats and ideas. Hopefully I will get the chance to create more music for this great festival.
If you are a designer and need some music for anything do not hesitate to contact me.

‘Oliver’ – Bloemencorso 2010

In the 2010 Bloemencorso Festival in Zundert, I was asked to create the music for the Zundert neighbourhood ‘De Berk’ Flower Float. The theme to the float was the musical ‘Oliver’ and was designed by Bart Mathijssen and Kevin Hereijgers. This float would then compete in the Parade with around 50 actors singing along to the music as the float moved through the streets of Zundert. It was a very fun challenge to create this music. Along with fellow composer Bas Adriaansen we created the 3 tracks for the float. I recorded, arranged and mixed all the music for this. The music was going to be played outside on a moving float so I needed to mix the songs with this in mind.

We decided to record all the actors to enhance the overall vocals in the songs as the actors voices would tire throughout a full day of singing. I mixed these softly into the tracks to subtly support the live vocals.
I was also lucky enough to be part of the cast to show off my nonexistent acting skills.

Oompahpah Instrumental

Pikken Wat Je Pakken Kan (Written by Bas Adriaansen)

Beschouw Jezelf (Choir Accapella Recording)