Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

Post Production Film and advertising

Below are some of the videos I have worked on with Chris McCallum, a Writer and Director for Film & Video based in Berlin. He is a super talented guy. You can check out some other videos he’s done here

Coca Cola Commercial

A commercial shot for Coca Cola. The music is composed and recorded by me, the track used is an instrumental version of I’m Your Man with some extra instruments added to fit the whole vibe of the commercial. Watch out for the subtle Coca Cola melody I included at the end.

Diageo Jim Bean Commercial

A Commercial shot for a Diageo’s Jim Bean whiskey. Original music composed and recorded by me.

Sicherheitswirtschaft -ISOSM Berlin

A clip portraying the German security sector and its career opportunities. An initiative of Kay Elter, director of the International School of Security Management Berlin. The music was composed by me and I also performed the mixing of dialogue and music post production.

The Universal Sock Mystery
Why do you always wear socks that don’t match??
Are socks sucked down the drain, or do they get stuck to the roof of the washing machine every time you forget your bubblegum in your pants?
Chris had a marketing presentation at uni and came up with an alternative way to advertise Bubblegum on the internet. He asked me to perform Post Production duties including finding/creating and synchronizing all the sound effects from my audio library and mixing the audio and music. I composed some nice laundrette music for this one, can’t beat a bit of laundrette music.

ECI Commercial Competition
An entry for a competition from ‘’. Simplified, the brief was to create a commercial under a minute which illustrated the rules and advantages of becoming a member of Dutch company ECI. ECI is a book club that also sells books, films, music and games. Chris did the illustration and animation. I created the music, sounds and showed off my talents as a voiceover actor.
No really… that’s me.

Alfred vs Stanley
An animated look at the styles of Stanley Kubrick and Alfred Hitchcock. Chris received and assignment in Uni to take the styles of two directors of their choice and combine them in any fashion they liked. He asked me to put sounds to the whole video and mix the music and sound for it. It includes more of my voice acting skills, this time as a woman and everything.

Peter Patat
Peter Patat is a stop motion animation portraying the psychological inner workings of a pubescent couch potato.
Peter is suffering from a serious case of the Oedipus complex and his only way of dealing with his confused emotions after finding out the truth about his father, is resorting to explosives! When the borders between reality and television become blurred, will Peter’s epiphany save the day, or has the telly already taken hold of his mind?
This was the first collaboration between Chris and I. I performed all post production duties and composed some of the music. The voices were recorded by engineer Jean Desquaires (a classmate of mine at Uni).