Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

Redeeming Red – Short Film

A short film which was selected for the 2014 Cannes Festival Short Corner.

Shot in an abandoned squat in Berlin, the short film tells the story of a girl visiting memories of an all but forgotten lover. Her meditation opens the door to a dreamworld with a twist, where the borders between real and imaginary begin to blur.

I worked as a composer, sound designer and the post production Audio engineer on this video. It was a challenge as the location was near a road and so all the background ambience included sounds from cars and planes which I had to filter out. The dialogue also needed a lot of work as the rooms in the squat were large, had lots of reverb and also there was a generator hum which needed to be filtered out in most dialogue. Some of the dialogue needed to be re-recorded because the originals were unusable no matter how much noise filtering I tried. Using too much noise filtering can make speech sound very strange so I tend to use it very sparingly and avoid it if possible.

The music was composed by Gauthier Ajarrista from the O.Children and additional music was composed by me.

Redeeming Red

Redeeming Red