Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

Offenders Of Love

Formed in 2008 in Zundert, the Netherlands, the Offenders of Love were a captivating rock band driven by a shared passion for music and artistic expression. With infectious melodies and evocative lyrics, they crafted a unique sound that blended rock and psychedelic undertones. Fronted by songwriter, singer, and guitarist Kees Hendrickx, their compositions possessed an ethereal touch that resonated deeply. Marc Mathijssen’s raw guitar skills ignited the band’s energetic sound, while Bart Van Bergen’s commanding drums and Tim Hereijgers’ melodic bass lines created a solid foundation for their sonic explorations.

The band received many positive reviews in national newspapers (De Telegraaf, De Bode), the band also appeared on a local TV channel Omroep Brabant. We recorded 1 E.P ‘Message For You’ in 2009 and an album ‘Stuck In Slow’ in 2010. These were engineered, produced and mixed by Kees Hendrickx. Songs from the first E.P ‘Message For You’ were even played in the NAC Breda football stadium before their matches.

The Offenders of Love’s explosive live performances and magnetic stage presence garnered a devoted fanbase, drawn to their boundless energy and unforgettable experiences. With a dedication to pushing boundaries, they evolved, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Their music—a transformative elixir of joy and liberation—inspired and uplifted listeners, creating a profound connection. Embracing their groove, audiences embarked on an extraordinary journey through the depths of their souls with the Offenders of Love.

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