Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

The Article – producing and creating over the internet

In my days in Rotterdam at SAE (school for Audio Engineering), I set up a band with 2 other classmates of mine, Jesse De Vaal and Max Venderbos. It started with the band ‘Estaban and the Strapons’, a group set up specially for an assignment where we had to record and produce a song. Not wanting to make the usual shite cover we decided to put our musical heads together and create an original song. This turned into the song “Get by”. Listen to it below:

After writing, producing and recording a song for that assignment in SAE we felt we had a special chemistry and continued creating music together. We recorded a few songs in the studio in SAE and some in Jesse’s studio in Gorinchem, Holland. Our first 2 songs we recorded we made into a demo, ‘The world Today’ and ‘My Pain’. ‘The World Today’ received airplay on the biggest dutch radio station Radio 358. Listen to the songs below: The Article Myspace

  1. My Pain
  2. The World Today
  3. Save A Life
  4. Our Mother
  5. Damn To Your Heart

After I moved back to Ireland we decided to try and keep going, we sent ideas back and forth via email and this way created more songs. Who says you need to be together in one room to make good music!

All songs copyright of The Article © 2011