Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

Keep The Light On

Keep The Light On : This song took me ages to complete, I had the basic structure pretty quickly but I just kept hearing more things I could do with it.I started out with the drum beat and the guitar riff, which I automatically harmonized because I live by the rule “Harmonize everything”: ) I decided to put the drum beat through my boss effects pedal which created a weird, almost wah effect. There is a nice part after the guitar solo which happened by accident, I played my solo part and then let the last note ring out to get some feedback which rings into the violins, at 2:00 it comes back in at a high pitch and when the solo violin comes in at 2:05 they flow seemlessly into each other. You would almost think I meant it: )

I got the talented Brian Mac Sweeney to play bass in this song again.