Kees Hendrickx

Recording Artist / Producer

How Things were (in the summer of ’99)

How Things were (in the summer of ’99)

August 2011

This song is about a guy called Harry who committed suicide in 1999, the song is narrated by a friend of his and he tells the story of Harry’s troubles, the aftermath and reaction to his suicide.

I had this song for a long time before I recorded it. I started  recording the guitar in Galaxy Studios when I was working there. I went into the studio one night and recorded on the studios acoustic guitar, which badly needs new strings. But I think this sounded really well when I lightly strummed it with my thumb. I recorded the guitar with 2 Neumann KM184s as a stereo pair. I recorded the vocals with a Neumann M50 in the studio later. The Organ was added with the help of Tom MacSweeney in his studio back in Ireland.

The acoustic guitar I recorded with can be seen in the picture below. Its an old beat up thing that I cant remember the name of now. The live room is the room I recorded in, you can see the Microphone I used for the vocals too, very nice indeed.

Acoustic Guitar Galaxy

Neumann M50

Live Room Galaxy